25 October 2015

Tunga + Bhadra at Koodli

Confluence of Tunga(Left) and Bhadra(Right)
We were on the way back to Bangalore from Shimoga through Chitradurga. About half an hour drive from Shimoga, besides a sharp turn on the highway we spotted a board showing directions through a small road- "Way to Koodli". We were in two minds, as we were on a tight schedule and were on target to reach Bangalore by dinner time. But the spirit of exploring an unseen place prevailed and we decided to take U-turn after crossing the Bhadra bridge on the highway.

Koodli (literally means the place where two rivers meet), is a small village at the confluence of Tunga and Bhadra rivers.  Apart from panoramic view of the confluence, the place is famous for 12th century Rameshwara Temple, built in typical Hoysala style. There's also a popular neo-style Narasimha Swamy temple besides the old temple. 

Rameshwara Temple at Koodli
There also an open air Shiva shrine in the complex of Rameshwara temple, the details of the open temple were not provided on "about the monument" board which was put up inside temple premises.

Open air Shiva Shrine
In addition to above mentioned temples, there is small Harihara temple on the banks of river confluence. During rainy season this will be submerged in water. Since it was pre-monsoon time, we were just in time to get a glimpse of this temple. The small nandi in front of this temple denotes the exact point where the two rivers meet.

Harihara Temple at the point of Confluence
In case you're planning to travel between Chitradurga and Shimoga, then do plan for pit-stop at this small village. The place may offer you different scenic perspective in different seasons !

Panoramic view of the Confluence.

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