25 June 2016

A decade to Cherish !

It's been exactly 10 years since I have been sharing my experiences and thoughts on this platform. The journey has been amusing with  a lot of things happening in life w.r.t. personal and professional front and not to mention about endeavours related to travel and photography !

Screenshot of my first blog post
For last one month, I was contemplating on how to celebrate this accomplishment. Many thoughts ran through. Whether I should post cliched a blog-post with a birthday cake or post some statistics or do some retrospect. In the process, while going through my old archives I just had a glance at my very first post which was about a trip to Nandi Hills. Then an idea struck - why not visit Nandi Hills to celebrate the moment and also it would be good to share by comparing and contrasting the experience of visiting the same place 10 years back.

Key Observations:
  • The routes to Nandi Hills from Bangalore has changed drastically.  In 2006, there wasn't an elevated expressway or expressways. The main reason can be attributed to the development of Bengaluru International Airport at Devanahalli. I guess in 2006, the construction of the airport was still in progress we hardly knew Bangalore beyond Hebbal flyover.
  • With the shifting in epi-center of the city, it was disheartening to see multiple high rises around Hebbal flyover. In 2006, there were only two promiment structure around the flyover: One was Godrej apartment and other was 'clone of petronas tower' at a fair distance. Now the every inch of available land has been constructed or under constructed.
  • There were no decent restaurants enroute to the destination. In 2006, we had breakfast at a hotel next to Devanahalli bus-stand and only other decent option was Mayura pine-top at the Nandi Hills. Now there are 'n' options to choose.
  • There are several developments atop Nandi Hills as well, the sky decks at various corners of Nandi Hills is one of the significant addition.
The comparisons continued flashing back to memories of the trip 10 years back and to the real time experiences. More about my latest trip in my next post.

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