24 June 2016

Experience of Reliance Jio 4G

Reliance Jio is soon to be launched LTE 4g service in India. The official launch of the service is still months away, however the network is live and Reliance employees have been using it for last 6 months and recently they made it made open to outside through invite only system. I grabbed the opportunity of promotional offer through my friend On Ali who works at Reliance Jio.

Key Observations:
  • I have using the service for over a month. The network connectivity so good I have never bothered to connect the phone to home WiFi.
  • Voice calls which works on VoLTE is decent. But sometimes when the network connection is jittery the calling app fails.
  • Major minus point is that you can use the network only on LYF+ smartphones. There have been occasional crashes. But it is pretty decent phone.

Instances where the service was truly a boon
  • One day in evening, I was all set to leave office and was planning to catch up 2nd innings of IPL qualifier match between RCB and Gujarat Lions. Suddenly, I get a call from one of directors that there is some escalation on a deliverable and we are supposed to have an urgent fire fighting call with a WebEx session. I had to stay back in office itself by projecting my screen on WebEx. I didn't have room to see latest scores in Cricinfo :). But the hotstar app on my LYF Jio came for rescue and I was able to witness the ultimate chase led by AB deviliers on my mobile in the meeting room !
  • Recently when we shifted our home, the broadband FTTH from ACT took more than a week to be set-up and 4-5 days to reactivate. The Jio connection with mobile hotspot turned out be back-up connection at home
  • Due to delay in shifting of DTH connection, I used to play the TV channels thru Jio play on mobile and cast the content on home TV thru Chromecast. I ensured that my mother doesn't miss out her daily soap serials.

Looking forward:
  • Speed of the Connection: Currently I am getting around 20 Mbps (sometimes 30 Mbps) speed at stationary location. Not sure this speed can be sustained post public launch when more number of users will be alive on the network.
  • How the pricing will be post the public launch. I currently have two months to experience complementary service.
  • Experience of buying new connection: I felt the executives at Reliance Digital didn't look that prepared for handling customer avaling new connection. There were quite a few tedious things to be done on Reliance's enterprise apps before activating a connection.

Screenshot of the network speed through Netvelocity

Note: This entire blog post was composed and published on LYF+ phone on jio connection.

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