17 August 2022

Taking plunge into Vlog/Podcast

I finally managed to take a serious plunge youtubing by launching a youtube channel "Gaalipata" with my blogging buddy Raveesh Kumar on Indian independence day - August 15, 2022. A kite flying in limitless sky symbolises freedom of expression. Conversations in Kannada about numerous subtle experiences of life is the central theme of "Gaalipata" (means kite in Kannada language) YouTube channel. 

In our very first episode, we discuss about our celebrations related to 75 years of India's independence and later in detail review the latest Kannada movie Gaalipata-2. We also flash back to 14 years to discuss our excitement when our blog post on review of Gaalipata-1 was featured in a Kannada ezine in 2008.

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