08 July 2006

Yeh He Corporate World !!!!

Madhur Bhandarkar whose movie about Mumbai's party animals 'Page 3' had bagged National Award. There was one joke what would be title of next movie of Madhur Bhandarkar - in Hindi it would be 'Page 4' or in Urdu 'Page 2' :). So this Page 4 or Page 2 is about Corporate world.

The movie Corporate projects on silver screen many incidences which actually takes place inside Ivory Towers of Corporate World.
  • Nexus between politicians and indutrialists for stuffs such as Disinvestment.
  • One company supported by state government and other by central government.
  • Profit prioritized over Ethics.
  • Man of principles resigning bcz his MD doesn't agree his idea.
  • Offer from executive to executive of rival company.
  • Executive unable to control his harmones and hence losing out business secrets to rival company, inturn his job.
  • Compromise between rival industrialists and rival political parties for retaining white man's investments (FDI).
  • Usage of NGOs funded by corporates to file PILs, for protests.

Film breaks new ground in deparment of subject(plot). But the way of execution and presentation is same as 'Page 3'. One similarity which can be mentioned in Page 3 there were drivers discussing about their Boss (Party animals). In Corporate its the job of office peons and bodyguards.

Some unforgettbale dialogues of office peons which I can recall
- " yeh pehle public limited thi ab private limited he." remarks abt a female employee.
- " use dekho har che mahine secretary badaltha he, kyonki apun ke desh me bewiya nahi badal sakte. "

Songs and item numbers are not good. Item girl (cum call girl) doesn't even deserve first look :)
Bipasha Basu's performance is good. Her character is very different from her previous movies No Entry, Jism etc. Kay Kay Menon is effective as usual. Rajat Kapoor is impressive in his role as MD of Sehgal Group of Industries. Sameer Dattani (Dhayan in Kannada Film Industry) and Minissha Lamba hardly have any role.

I feel its not right to continue with futher discussion about full story line. Its already done by various crictics of our Bollywood. Lets review their reviews.

- Taran Adarsh (indiafm) : 3 star : His review cant be said neither generous nor harsh. But I was suprised to see 3 star from him in spite of 'indiafm' being overseas media partner for this movie. For this reason may be flaw of movie was not mentioned.

- Rajeev Masand (cnn-ibn) : 2 star : As usual Rajeev Masand is harsh. One can see response to his review in ibnlive.com, he reviews as if he is the Speilberg :). But he has pointed out basic flaw in moral of the movie. Nishigandha Dasgupta (Bipasha) mentioned as innocent . But actually as per Rajeev "She's not paying the price for her ambition, she's paying the price for being deceitful."

- Sukanya Verma ( rediff) : 3 star: She has mentioned about proposed romantic track between Minissha Lamba and Sameer Dattani, which never takes off beyond an invitation for coffee.

Overall a good movie, must watch for everyone in industry. Techically movie is not so good, so not paisa vasool at multiplexes.

So moral of the movie : Guys control your harmones otherwise you may lose your job. Gals you may have to pay the price for being deceitful.

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  1. The eternal tragedy of Filmdom-
    Try to make it more "commercial" , you end up making it more BORING.
    Want to make a commercial hit?
    get Shahruhk khan,you dont even need a script.His demented fans will take care of ensuring it a hit.

  2. @shreesh
    with sharukh khan(SRK) pay cheque one can produce a decent low budget movie. No doubt sharukh is a great actor of our times, but his superstar image projected on silver screen is not only his effort but also of many people who work in background such as director, cinematographer, dialogue writer, screeplay writer, musician, make up man, costume designer etc.
    So star image is more of team work. So SRK is not sufficient for commercial success !!!

  3. Few years back SRK in a interview was asked about his expectation of his home production. He replied "As a human being I want both Lakshmi and Saraswathi i.e. both Critical Acclaim and Box Office Success :)". Movies in Bollywood attaining both Lakshmi and Saraswathi are very rare. Exceptions are Lagaan, Black.

  4. No doubt sharukh is a great actor of our times
    err..its open to debate :)
    but his superstar image projected on silver screen is not only his effort but also of many people who work in background
    How dare you say that! Tell something like that to SRK fans ans they will kick you all over.Without SRK they are nothing!
    I repeat: all you need is SRK (whining and crying all over ) to make a hit.

  5. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Corporate - its a well-made movie made on realistic scenarios.. but somehow tended to have the traces of the predecessor, Page 3. But, still, the movie has ably extended Page 3 to completion to cover the sphere of business tycoons that was left out in Page 3.

  6. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Old wine in new bottle, i like the bottle than wine.
    And as per shande bad songs ruins the movie.Overall acting in the movie is good.Bips has a done a good job.

    Expected ending,worth the Download!!!

  7. This is what Corporates said about CORPORATE