02 September 2006

LRMB: Dadagiri vs Gandhigiri

Dadagiri(violence) vs Gandhigiri(non violence and telling truth) ? latest movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai (LRMB) deals with this issue.

Shande's review:
(not comprehensive)

Goooood Morninnnnnnnnnnnnnng
Munna and Circuit are back with a different story.

In previous episode Munna had treatment for people's diseases, which even doctors didn't have. In this episode he solves people's personal problems using Gandhian principles. His love interest this time is World Space RJ Jhanvi(Vidya Balan).

Movie scores in imagination department. The way in which so called 'outdated' principles of Gandhiji are presented to audience.

Throughout the movie audiences are treated with excellent comedy with good dialogues. Brilliant comic timing and dialogue delivery add value to dialogue. It is very different from some of recent movies where dialogue mainly contained either sarcasm, expletives or silly jokes.

Music of the movie is ok, but one doesn't feel songs forced into screenplay. picturisation and placing of 'Pal Bar Har Pal' is good.

Real hero movie is screenplay and story. It is engaging from the word go. Hats off to Raju Hirani and his team for deft execution.

Saying LRMB as 'paisa vasool' would be an understatement. Its much more than a 'paisa vasool' movie and definitely worth watching. In my opinion movies of this kind would not have been made in Hollywood also till date. In bollywood its very rare to have movies with repeat value, LRMB will be one of them.

To be frank i didn't had any expectation from this movie. It has scored in deparment of saraswathi and surely will score in deparment of lakshmi also.

One blopper:
In the movie one can see policeman listening to worldspace radio in his jeep. world space is a satellite radio station which requires fixed antenna, technically it is not possible to hear worldspace radio in a vehicle. Considering cinematic liberties and quality of movie this mistake is negligible.

Excerpts from reviews of famous critics.

Taran Adarsh(indiafm): 4 star
- Like its predecessor, LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI is a sparkling example of qualitative cinema.
- The comic portions are executed with panache, the drama is attention-grabbing and the emotional quotient is strong enough to turn you moist-eyed.
- Indisputably and undeniably, this Munna-Circuit outing is worth the price of the ticket and more.
- Dilip Prabhavalkar [in the role of Mahatma Gandhi] is up to the mark. However, the makeup could've been better.
- the USP of the film are portions between Mahatma Gandhi and Munna, which is a brilliant stroke from the writing as well as execution point of view.
- the strength lies not just in Munna and Circuit's chemistry, but also reliving the teachings of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Rajeev Masand(cnn-ibn): 4 star
- You know some movies just strike a chord from the word go, and Lage Raho Munnabhai is exactly that kind of film
- It's evident that the film's main motive is to give you a good time, but it's commendable that writer-director Rajkumar Hirani chose to weave a message into the story.
- The success of Lage Raho Munnabhai lies in its ability to make you completely submit yourself to its charm.
- Like those good old-fashioned Hrishikesh Mukherjee films, it also reinforces the importance of human goodness and basic niceties.
- Judge it by any yardstick that you may, Lage Raho Munnabhai emerges a clear winner.

All critics have given thumbs up (some even 2 thumbs up) for movie, the minimum of all rating is 3 and 1/2 star !!!.

Thanks to seena and guru(supersub) for giving me company. Vijaynath unfortunately u missed out, hope everything is fine on your side. Ande please change ur gtalk status from very very busy, make time and watch LRMB.


  1. Nice blog shande ...u have given fundoo title for ur Blog ..
    Most of the review is proper .
    But Songs were good man. Not just Ok as you said.
    I enjoyed 'samazho ho yi gaya' song lot. Its just superb in theatre ambience and surround sound.
    Anyhow thank you very very much for giving me chance to watch such a wonderfull movie and making my 24th Birthday cherishing one.

    - Guru

  2. Good Review. And a very good film, worth every moment. Enjoyed the movie fully. As for the blopper that happens with every movie
    To instantiate one: in Aptha Mithra they say Ramesh is reading his mails when he is actually looking at a word document with some lines.

    I dont understand why you want to include other bigwigs reviews in your post when you yourself can write better reviews.

  3. hi ski, I don't completly agree with your comment
    No one's gonna adopt even a bit of what the movie says...

    In my college days I had adopted one of the gandhigiri priciple, similar one is demonstrated in the movie also. eventhough I was ridiculed, it worked for me.

    U have also said other movies have managed to drive in the nail. Lets take example of RDB. Many ppl say RDB had created revolution. The OBC quota protest was majorly influenced by RDB. But in the movie itself it is shown that protests, candlelight marches doesn't work, utilmately alternative way is followed i.e. killing of Defence minister.

    Btw irrespective of the protest govt has gone ahead and tabled OBC quota bill in the parliament. govt is so sure that students are not going to follow alternative way shown in RDB.

  4. It is worth a watch...its a kind of bold movie. Advocating things like truth, honesty has always been dull and boring, but this has turned dramatic. Going by the logic that people like dramatic (melodrama) movies, this is a good attempt at a new theme. But if I think seriously, this movie would not have fared well, if it did not have MBBS version as its predecessor. On the whole its not a great movie, but it keeps you engaging and is good in most parts. To me, its different and refreshing anyways.

  5. This is certainly not the film from which you can get 'inspired' to follow gandhian principles.
    Its a Bollywood movie for god's sake!
    People watch it because of entertainment not for any social or moral message.And the reality is.. people dont want any moral lessons when they watch a Bollywood movie;If they wanted that, then there are other movies with stronger script,strong social messages(read 'Art' films) which ppl should watch to get 'influenced'.

    BottomLine: A very well made *entertaining* movie and people should keep treat the movie that way.