09 September 2006

Varthur Sahasa

August 30th 8.30 am, it was usual wednesday morning. I was on my way to office by company van. All of a sudden we encountered a traffic jam on Outer ring road. our driver in order to avoid jam took rightside of ring road. All his effort was in vain. The jam was due to an accident, which had happened early morning. For this reason public had blocked road for demanding signal at junction where accident had happened.

our van had stopped in front of main campus of our company from there our office is around 7km. many of our cabmates decided to stay in main campus itself, but 3 ppl (me, chethan and bhupathi) decided otherway. we planned to walk till Marthalli bridge.

Accident Spot

On the way we came across accident spot. Then we enquired at a roadside shop about any other alternative to reach varthur(which is 1km from office). we came to know that, by the kachaa road next to the shop, varthur is around 3-4 km. We decided to take that way instead of walking till marthalli bridge, hoping that we would see something different than usual concrete construction site which we see daily around marthalli bridge. The walk on the mud road next to agricultural fields was really refreshing.

After walking a few kms we got a BMTC bus enroute to varthur. We were more relieved to hear from conductor that the bus will go to Ramagondanhalli (place where our office is located). In spite of traffic jams at varthur, we managed to reach office at 9.45 am !!

To conclude it was an amazing experience. We three did something unusual, constructive, refreshing stuff inspite of encountering unfortunate massive traffic jam. Thanks to chethan and bhupathi for giving company for this Varthur Sahasa.

-- shande.

PS: photos in this post are from my new camera phone. clarity is not as good as usual digicam snaps.


  1. May be the downsizing utility you have used is not good. Try using Picassa or ACDsee

  2. i read it Vasthu shastra.. :)

  3. Would have been more satisfying if there were no vehicles passing by and if we had commuted entirely on foot!

    As you said, it was a refreshing experience.

  4. hey shande,

    I wish I was in your cab...