20 October 2006

Don ko pakadna vakai Namumkin hai ...

DON – the chase begins again, remake of Big B’s DON(1978) released in theatres today. I was waiting for this movie from last one month. A few weeks back I had read an article, in which it was mentioned that the remake has a different ending. So I decided to see movie as early as possible. The movie wasn’t releasing at my favorite theatre Urvashi and I had to see it at PVR. The advance booking for tickets at PVR started from Sunday itself. I intended to go for premier show on Thursday 10 pm so that I can see movie without even hearing/reading single review. Ande managed to get for 4 people (me, ande, ski and seena) for Friday morning show. I was disappointed because seats were second row from screen, but seeing the movie FDFS was more important.

The movie starts of in typical James Bond movie style with pre credits sequence which does not have relevance to actual storyline. The credits are in green black combination reminds of Hollywood sci-fi movie The Matrix.

The basic plot of movie is same as original. SRK as Don is good but role of Vijay doesn’t suit him. Priyanka Chopra as Roma (junglee billi) has given decent performance. Music of the movie though derived from original is good, especially signature tune is awesome which used as background score in major part of movie, is still lingering in my ears.

Comparisons with the original are inevitable. Lets discuss about some of the similarities and differences.


  • Story : 80-90% of story is same as original.
  • Characters Names: Don/Vijay, Roma, De Silva, Narang, Malik, Jasjith, Kamini
  • Songs: ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ and ‘Khaike Pan Banaras …’ with techno mix.
  • Some Dialogues: “Don ko pakadna mushkil nahin, namumkin hai”


  • Screenplay: In credits it is mentioned that screenplay is adapted from that of Salim-Javed.
  • Climax: there is a twist in the tail. It makes overall story different.
  • Ending: ending is like a Hollywood movie making scope for a sequel (Don: the chase continues ...)
  • Songs: ‘Main hoon don’, ‘Maurya Maurya’, ‘Aaj Ki Raat’.
  • Mobile Phones: Motorala phones are part and parcel of screenplay and each character has got a different model Don -V3 Razr Black, De Silva - L7, Roma - Pebel, Anita - V3 Razr Pink.
  • Special Effects and Visual Appeal.

As of now I can mention only these points. If I see original and remake again, I will add more points.

There a few good scenes in the movie (may be lifted from some Hollywood flicks). These scenes good in style and technical angle but some are no so good when looked from perspective of substance.

  • De Silva chasing Don. A ordinary chasing scene, but well presented by screen splits and nice camera work.
  • The members Don’s gang rescuing Don from police by airlifting ambulance.
  • Don/Vijay escaping from airplane by sky diving.
  • Jasjith crossing Petronas Tower Bridge.
  • Fight sequence between Vardhan and Don.

Minuses of the movie

  • 17 reels is too much for a slick and stylish movie. Since this movie is a remake crisp editing was required to avoid boredom.
  • Screenplay is not as engaging as the original.
  • Characterization (see references).
  • Flaws in the script (If I see the movie again by chance, I will elaborate on this).

To conclude I saw this movie without reading even a single review. First of all remaking a movie is a big risk and Farhan has done it by adding style and surprises. In my opinion it is watchable, paisa vasool movie, could have been better with deft execution.

So whats your opinion about the movie, please post it as comments (anonymous comments are allowed). Don't forget to mention your name because I will be moderating comments.

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  1. From the glorious heigths of DCH to the pathetic Depths of DON(with SRK? ill throw up..) Farhan has scaled it all.
    Truly an All Rounder.*clap* *clap*

  2. beutiful blog for the ugliest movie..Thank god i didnot see it..Thanks for not booking the ticket to me..(blessing in disguise)

  3. I enjoyed to some extent! Nice post !