14 November 2006

Bond .... James Bond ....

The wait for James Bond will be over this Friday 17th Nov as 21st James Bond movie 'Casino Royale' is releasing. Casino Royale images have been wallpaper both of my home PC and mobile phone for last three months.

Actually I was not really a fan of James Bond movies but ultimately turned into one when I bought DVD player last year. At that time I used to see one James Bond movie every weekend. After seeing all bond movies(except 'License to Kill' and 'View to Kill'), the wait for Casino Royale started. Initially was bit disappointed with when they chose Daniel Craig to play the role of bond for this movie. I saw the trailer of this movie at PVR (screened before Da Vinci Code movie). After seeing trailer and hearing voice of Daniel Craig I thought this man has potential to deliver.

Now the buzz of bond is already started. There are many new articles and blogs about James Bond in web. Star movies is telecasting all twenty bond movies this month. (today The spy who loved me was there).

My Top 5 bond movies

1. The Spy Who Loved Me: It blends most of the Bond elements perfectly, resulting in a highly entertaining movie that is never dull and features one of the most memorable Bond villains: the 7-foot steel-toothed killer Jaws.

2. GoldFinger: This movie is a classic in its own right. The plot is especially awesome because Goldfinger -- who is widely considered one of the best villains in film history -- doesn't want to steal the American gold, but rather render it radioactive in order to give more worth to his own stash.

3. Tomorrow Never Dies: Brosnan's action packed outing sees 007 take on a multimillionaire, media baron Elliot Carver who is mission of world domination. The box office success of this movie was not so much as it released on same day with Titanic-one of the biggest blockbuster of all time.

4. Living Daylights: Timothy Dalton's first appearence as 007, has one of the most solid storylines of the series. The climax fight sequences at Afghanisthan are too good.

5. On Her Majesty's Secret Service: This one I feel is most underrated Bond movie. Inspite of poor screen presence of George Lazenby this movie has good action scenes, emotional intensity.

Some features of James Bond movie.(may not be there in all movies)
  • There are chases, attempts on Bond’s life, meetings with the new villain and the new villain’s super-powered henchman.
  • He beds three women: The inconsequential one at the beginning, an enemy agent in the middle, and then “the Bond girl,” with whom he shares the final assault on the enemy’s fortress.
  • Bond is captured and learns about the villain’s diabolical plot to a) blackmail the West, b) start World War III, or c) both.
These stuffs make bond movies entertaining one and are USPs of one of the most successful franchise, which has earned an estimated 4 billion $ worldwide.

To conclude, I hope Casino Royale meets my expectations. Already there are many rave reviews out in the Internet, praising Daniel Craig as the most believable Bond.

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  1. I don't follow Bond movies, know only about Dr.Rajkumar starrer bond movies in Kannada. So cant comment much.