27 November 2006

Kudremukh Home Stay, Trek n Trip

Important Info In a Nutshell:

* Places: Hanumangundi Falls, Bangarabalige Falls, Gangamula.
* Accomdation Details:
  • Homestay is 10km from Kalasa. It has 9 double bedrooms, 4 single rooms and a 100 sq feet hall.
  • Address: Upasana, Mavina Kombe, Samse - 577 124 Karnataka, India
  • Phone: +91 - 8263 249288/249488

Our Group - all are not in frame

Last weekend (25th, 26th Nov 06) I had been to Kudremukh (Banagara Balige and Hanumangundi Falls) for Trek n Trip by company's adventure club. I was behind Harish Malleshappa for 2-3 months to conduct a Trek through adventure club. It materialised last week with 47 people on board. This Trek n Trip was organized by Capture. Tarun, Ananth, Manmohan, Suma were instructors.


We departed at 10.45 pm Friday Nov 24th from main campus
. In the initial part of journey we played antakshari, after some time everyone decided to sleep. Next day morning 7:15 am we reached Samse(10 km from Kalasa). We got down from bus and walked for 1.5 km to Guest House(Homestay). After freshning up, we had breakfast and assembled in lawn. Here we got instructions about dos and don'ts, then there was introduction round in which each of us introduced ourselves with name, business group, hobbies etc.

Homestay - Facilities

At 10.45 am we started our trek to Bangarabalige falls carrying food packets. The trek was overall easy to moderate. In the trail there were many Leeches(part and parcel of Trek). We came across many plantations of Tea, Coffee, Arecanut, Elachi etc ... We relaxed at regular intervals and had photography sessions also ... One place we had to cross 'Marthalli Bridge of Kudremukh' ... It took more than 15 min for all 47 of us to cross it !!!. Then we reached a house next to paddy field. From here we trekked for 1.5 km to reach Bangarabalige falls. Near falls it was damn slippery. We even got a blasting from one of Instructor for not obeying his orders.

Marthalli Bridge

After having photo and video session we came back to the same house next to paddy fields. Here we had chappaties as lunch which we were carrying in food packets. After lunch we started trek back to homestay. This time we avoided marthalli bridge by taking alternate route.

On the way back there was misunderstanding among instructors. Anant tried to take us by different route. After all R&D he backtracked and took usual route. A km before guest house we had photography seesion at tea estate. We came back to Home stay around 6 pm and had tea and pakoda as refreshment. After sunset instructors set campfire for us. we played antakshari in front of campfire. I did my experiments with photography and took one snap(10s shutter, no flash) in front of campfire. Later we had dinner. It was south indian dinner with rasaina and obattu as sweets.


After dinner we sat in balcony for a while. I listened to songs from my V3i. After sometime Srinivas P caught me for Handwriting Analysis. I analysed his handwriting with 85% accuracy. After this I analysed handwriting of Harishchandra, Sushil Kumar and Prabhakar with around 90% accuracy. Prabhakar was most curious and interested one. He asked many personal queries which are difficult to answer through handwriting analysis. Later we dicussed about many topics such as 'Sigma Top 10' etc.. before catching up sleep. After an hour of fun, finally we slept at 1 am.

Hanumangundi Falls

Next day(26th Nov) morning we got up at 6 am. After breakfast we left to Hanumangundi Falls by bus. The area around Hanumangundi Falls is well maintained by forest department. There are steps to go till downstream of the waterfalls. We had bath in cold water. It was amazing experience to stand below cold water falling from 50 feet. On our way back to Guest House we went to Gangamula - origin of three rivers Tunga, Bhadra and Netravathi. In this journey we had brief dancing session and also saw videos of songs such as Tuhi Meri Shab, Ya Ali, Bheege Hot Tere ...


We had lunch at 1.30 pm. In lunch we had fruit salad+ice cream as desserts. At 2.30 we left the Guest House to start our return journey to Bangalore. After having tea at Kottagehara dancing session started again. We danced for numbers of Dhoom 2, Don and various other dance masti remixes. We had dinner at Andhra Dhaba near Kunigal. Finally we were back in Bangalore at 1 am (delayed by 2 hrs).

Dhoom Machale ...

To conclude this Trek n Trep was awesome experience. It was conducted and organised effectively by Capture. Facilities and food at Homestay were too good.

More snaps of this trek are shared in my picasa album.

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