06 January 2007

Advertising thru Hoardings

Recently (may be in Nov 06) after booking movie tickets at Urvashi, I had been to MTR for breakfast. There were two gentlemen sitting opposite to me. From their discussion I made out that they are involved in hoarding business. They were discussing about placement about hoardings in ring road. The discussion made me conscious about advertising hoardings in Bangalore. The boring 30+ km travel to my workplace has given opportunity to have a glance various hoardings. There are many stuffs in these hoardings from career opportunities to apartments.

According to me some important features of a hoarding.
-Attention getter: This is really important for a hoarding. Some catchy stuff should be there in a hoarding.
-Placement: Usually hoardings are placed where traffic congestion is common. (Marthalli Bridge, Airport Road, Ring Road near Sarjapur Signal).

Some instances of such hoardings


The placement of this hoarding of Megamart is amazing. It is placed right next Brand Factory (BF), the new hotspot in Marthalli. Every one goes to BF to save money. The hoarding of Megamart says “a few 100 metres ahead, many 100 rupees saved.”

Cocorde Manhattans

Everyone is frustrated with Bangalore Traffic. Concorde Manhattans, a construction company have the solution for it. They are marketing it by a nice hoarding placed at Marthalli Junction and near Sarjapur Signal. The attention getter to this hoarding is picture of a Traffic Jam.

Applied Materials

There was one hoarding of Applied Materials with punch line ‘flex your brain’, placed right after Marthalli Bridge towards Kundanalli gate. It was there till Nov 30 2006 (couldn’t take its snap). I am sure all users of Marthalli Bridge would have read this hoarding and majority of them would have posted resume to HR email contact mentioned on it.

To conclude I have posted my findings about hoardings so far. I will updating this post with new findings, photographs etc.

Looking forward to your comments.


  1. There was a Hoarding in Mumbai for Ginger Hotels which advertised for its lower prices.

    The most interesting part of the hoarding was divided into 4 parts, with connections between the lower and upper stairs with a stair case, and a person used to stay in that hoarding from Morning till night !!!

    I think this is an out of box concept in advertising !!

    Check out the photograph

  2. good observation :-)
    I too have a good one to share, a hoarding advertising a tailor...it read..

    "God makes man, tailor makes gentleman"

    If I am not wrong..this onez found in Shivagange I guess ...

  3. Ya that is true. Hoarding Business making most of traffic jams!!!

    To add to your list: Big Bazaar hoardings near Richmond Circle, Several Hoarding in Airport etc

  4. thanks to all for comments.

    @vinay thanks for pic of Ginger Hotel hoarding.

    @viditha thanks for ur sharing.

  5. Anonymous1:56 PM

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