02 January 2007

I was hospitalized for first time.

In Kumarparvatha Trek my energy levels were down to minimum. One of the reasons was that I had slight fever. I was getting tired so fast that I was not able to carry even my camera. When I came back to Bangalore on Monday, I slept for entire day. Even I took leave on 27th and 28th Dec. On Friday (29th) when I went back to work, I felt feverish again. In evening when I went to the doctor, I got to know that I have got Jaundice :(. The infection would have got into my body in any of recent trip/trek.

I was admitted to hospital on 30th morning and was given glucose water as drips. It was first experience as I had hospitalized for first time. The stay good was overall. Thanks to Ajaysimha for spending time with me in hospital ward, without him it would have been boring.

My New Year trip plans went for a toss. One year back I was at Kudle Beach, Gokarna to celebrate year switch (2005 to 2006). It was an electrifying experience, the new year was welcomed with fireworks. There were many rave parties going on the beach. This time I had got call for trip from 2-3 groups, one was from Chetan to Goa and other one from Rohith, Venkat for bike trip. Harish was forcing to me conduct Gokarna trip. Ultimately it turned out to be exact opposite of previous year, I celebrated New Year switch on hospital bed :(.

From now on I have to be on strict diet. Therefore I can’t be part of any trips/treks for next 2-3 months. It all had happened because of my ignorance to Hepatitis A, B vaccines. So if you travel frequently please take the necessary vaccine ASAP, otherwise you might end up in my situation.


  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    U r welcome for thanking me shande.....
    Good u realised that u wont go for any trek for next 3 months.....
    I wish u a very fast recovery.....

  2. Get well soon...!!!

  3. dont worry and get well soon.

  4. Hi ,Shande got some time to read your posts. Get well soon man .. Take care of your health. Well . I spent New year @ apartment. Here no celebrations nothing. So it was a boring New year switch for me . Now only aim/hope in life is to get back to India ASAP.

    - Srini

  5. hey did u get hepatitis A OR B?cos hep a infection is thro faeco oral route n b is thro blood borne.. hope ur ok now..

  6. Hi Shande.. gud that now u r discharged and are recovering ... Hope you become fit and fine ready for another trek....sooooooooooooon :)