15 April 2007

Indian Guest House, Gumi

Choi Guk Hwa(owner), Keshab, Subhajit

When I say to my friends that 'I am in Korea for onsite assignment', the next obvious question will be where are you staying ? and what you are doing for food.

Many expect sad reply from me, but the reply will be other way because I am staying here at Indian Guest House(IGH). Started in February 2007, the guest house has all the necessary facilities and most important thing, Indian food is available here prepared by Keshab.

Keshab cooking

Dining hall

So in case you are coming to Gumi for onsite assignment note down the contact details of IGH mentioned below.

Jinpyeng Dong, 586-8, Myengmum Bill Ka Dong 201,
KyengBuk Gumi City, Korea

Phone Numbers:
Owner: Choi Guk Hwa : 016-242-5248
Manager: Keshab : +82-10-7558-5248 (010-7558-5248)

email: ighgumi@yahoo.com

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  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Nice guest house..!! Keshab is very friendly... Currently this guest house is serving more than 10 guests... I hope the word will spread and more ppl will come in future... It has all good facilities and also perfectly located...

  2. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Interesting concept. It looks very clean and well maintained. Just curious - How expensive are these as compared to a regular apartment?

  3. It was 50000 Won per day for a single room(including food).

  4. can we go there only for having lunch & dinner?

  5. @shiv: yes u can. when I was there, the owners used to charge 7000 per meal.

  6. Thanks. I did get in touch with them. Will give it a try this evening. Going there for dinner

  7. Hi - Is this guest house still open for business. I am planning to visit Gumi again in April 2010

  8. I think it shud be .. just confirm by giving a call to numbers mentioned in the post.

  9. Hi shande, Thanks for the note. I just arrived into seoul. Will be working today and evening I shall be in Gumi. Will give a call and see if they are still open. During late 2009; my friend informed me that this had closed.

  10. Oh ... I am not sure about that .. please do comment with latest updates.

  11. Hi shande - I checked out with Choi. I believe this india guest house in gumi is closed. She provided me another number and 016-5073567 (Sol Ha Yun) is operating. I believe it has a South Indian and a North Indian selection. Will check this out today.

  12. Dining hall, very nice

  13. I am in Gumi for 3 weeks and was wondering if these Indian restaurants or guest house is still open. Please let me know.

  14. I am in Gumi for 3 weeks and was wondering if this guesthouse/restaurant is still operating. If not do you know any other indian restaurant. Thanks