10 June 2007

Daegu Trip

Wednesday 6th June was a National Holiday in Korea because of Memorial Day (Shahid Divas). We planned to have a trip to Daegu, fourth largest city in South Korea. The city will hosting 2011 world athletics meet. From Gumi it is just 40 minutes drive. Our plan was to go there for shopping and amusement park.

Drop outs: As usual there many dropouts. Madhu for the obvious reasons as he had some high level discussion with Litte Force. Harsha didn’t agree as he wanted to take rest. Finally Santoshi also dropped for the obvious reason being paranoid about fate of project. I and Subhajit were only two person on board.

From guest house we took Taxi to Gongdan Express Bus Stop. All the buses to Daegu which start form Gumi Bus Terminus stop at Gongdan. The ticket price was 2700 won. The buses to Daegu are in the frequency of 10-15 minutes. In 5 minutes we got the bus and reached Daegu at 1 pm.

Woobang Towerland

We took taxi from Bus Terminus to Woobang Towerland. There are many stuffs in the amusement park from Ghost House to Roller Coaster. One can enter in two ways one by entrance ticket and other one day pass. Since it would be irritating to buy tickets individually for each and every ride, we opted for one day pass of 24000 Won. First we took the ride of Space Viking.

There is a 230m high tower in the middle of park. Using elevator one can go till observation deck. From the deck one can witness bird’s eye view of the park. One can do SkyJump from the deck which costs 60000 won. We didn’t opt for it. Later we came down till level 4 by elevator and to ground by ropeway.

view from observation deck

As it was a holiday there were many events going on in the park. There was a performance by American dancers, which was similar to salsa dance. Then we opted for Boomerang Roller Coaster and Camel Back Roller Coaster. This was my first experience of Roller Coaster. I liked it a lot, especially the free fall section.

Seoman Market

From Woobang Towerland we walked till Duryu Station. From there we took subway to Seoman Market. The market was similar to Namdaemun Market. We reached there around 6 pm. Many shop were getting closed. Subhajit had a plan of buying umbrellas. We had a 45 minutes discussion at one shop, there were many varieties of umbrellas. The cost was too much. It was 8000 won aluminum ‘made in china’ umbrella, which didn’t even a proper finishing. Finally we didn’t buy anything as shop keeper didn’t agree to reduce price.

Time was 7.30 pm, we took city bus from Seoman to Seobu Bus Terminus. Before boarding the bus we roamed around the bus terminus and did some window shopping. By 10 pm we were back in Gumi, concluding Daegu Trip, would have been more exciting and enjoyable if there were more people on board.

More photos are shared in my picasa album.

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