01 November 2007

Fest @ our office

Like Phooljhadi last year this year also we had a similar cultural fest with a different name. As there was no build up to the event there was very less enthusiasm among the employees. Some employees in order to protest about some policies decided not to participate.

Our AAG group(Ski, Shreesh, GG & me), decided to be broadminded and participated in the events which we were sure of winning.

Day-1: Monday, 29th Oct
There was a skit competition. Last year we could have easily won this competition if we had practice a bit. This we had time to practice but were short of manpower. Pioneers of last year Naveen, Seena and Raghu had left the company. So our first task was to find enthusiastic people in our floor. No one agreed to join. So we four decided to go ahead and participate.

We went to campus at 4 pm and found out that there were some people participating in pot painting and face painting but no one had registered for the skit. Actually the skit competition this time was different. The participants will be given a bag of goodies and were supposed to make the goodies part of the skit. For convenience sake we had already prepared a generic plot so that any object can be fit as part of the script. Because of this complication no one really came forward to partcipate. To add to our misfortune there were no audience too. Finally at 6 pm the competition was canceled. Our practice went in vain. Understanding our situation Suzane(organizer) promised to give us a slot on Dance Competition day.

Day-2: Tuesday, 30th Oct
Unlike last year this year Dumd Charades(DC), picitionary and quiz were combined into a single combo event 'Tease your Grey Cells Contest'. We just scrapped thru the prelims to enter final round. The initial part of final round was general quiz with audio and video round. After quizzing round were in third position. The last two round were DC and pictionary. We were delighted when quizmaster announced that these two rounds will have highest weightage. To be on safer side Ski did the miming in both rounds. we have cracked the clues 'The silver hurry on' and 'The star fight is over' in DC and pictionary respectively. Others teams could not crack with one or two exceptions. We emerged as winners of the competition. Our obsession with DC and pictionary paid off once again.

After quiz contest there was singing competition. Ravi and Sudhir participated in it. Ravi was second runner up in the contest.

Day-3: Wednesday, 31st Oct
As promised by Suzanne we were given a ten minutes slot after Dance Competition. We got Ravi and Pradeep into our team. Before leaving to campus we rehearsed the skit once and fine tuned the script with minor changes here and there. The first event of the day was dance competition. We could not enjoy it much as we were excited about our skit. The skit came our very well, more importantly audience enjoyed it. It very difficult to describe it in words. Have a look at embedded youtube video below.

After the skit there was a DJ night, he played many Bollywood Remix numbers. All of us danced and danced to the maximum.

To conclude, we made the most out of the three days fest. We felt more satisfied as we were able to make more than 100 people laugh with the skit.


  1. quite nice skit

    remembered pes college days ,

    cricket one was too good

  2. Awesome !!! Had a good laugh !