02 November 2007

Landmark Quiz 2007, Bangalore

The fourth edition of Bangalore Landmark Open Quiz took place on Nov 1st at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall. I didn't really bothered to attend last three editions. After reading about this quiz in many blogs, I decided to participate this year with Ski and Shreesh as teammates.

The quiz was hosted by India's renowned quiz-master Derek O'Brien. First there was preliminary round of 40 questions, followed by final round between 8 teams. The questions in prelims were easy generally with many sitters and a few bouncers. The question were from wide range of topics from History, Entertainment to Astrology.

We made many silly mistakes in the prelims. Initially we thought that we might miss cut off by a few points because of the mistakes. Later seeing the teams in the hall(many Pantas wearing IIMB T-shirt, jackets), we realized that we have very slim chances of qualifying and have to become audience in the final round. Since it was a open quiz there were many teams with members of different age group. These kind of team have more chances of qualifying as their range of knowledge will be vast. One of such team was 'WWW' with Mother, Son & Niece as members.

As expected we were way below cut off 28. Highest score was 32 by QED (last year's champions). Incidentally five out of eight finalist had scored 28. 'WWW' also qualified with 28 points.

Final round had many tough questions and needed lot of work out for answering. There neck to neck fight between QED and WWW. In the end QED emerged winners by answering handsomely final 3 rounds. The Cinderella slippers - squirrel feather was a superb answer under pressure.

Winners- QED

The Quizzer of the Year award went to captain of 'WWW', Sushila Kamath. I guess she might be a school teacher. One has to appreciate her enthusiasm. The confidence in which she answered the reason for increase in pencil sales was simply amazing.

Quizzer of the year

To conclude, this was my first experience of a open quiz, looking forward to attend more such quizzes in future. It's was a free entertainment and Derek O'Brien brought the house down with his spontaneity and one liners. On the stage, he tried to pull legs of team 'Thigh in the air' also nicknamed 'Crows' on the spot. Ultimately, the same team made a stunning comeback to finish 3rdended and also won the prize of most popular team.

Ski was not very enthusiastic to attend this quiz as he had better business to do in Mysore, but today morning he messaged me "Man thanks for talking me to the quiz. It was really worth it :)"

Please find the questions of the quiz below. Some questions I have just mentioned keywords, not phrased because I don't know the complete question. Please let me know in case you know the same.



1. Ivan Nigli, MLA of Karnataka is elected from which constituency ? NOMINATED, REPRESENTS ANGLO INDIAN COMMUNITY
2. Pascal Cotte's 240 megapixel camera revealed facial hairs on the face of which women? - MONA LISA.
3. Fictional school.
4. Max Yung Sur
5. 1803 - Luke Howard - Curl of hair - locks of hair - Whats is the term used for curls of hair
6. which country in the world is largest producer of fashion diamonds , less than half a caret? INDIA
7. He rejected names Vasudeva and Jehangir for his screen name? DILIP KUMAR
8. Under the name congressmen - Rajiv Gandhi - The Great Suicide? who said he was did not much about the assassination? - PV NARASIMHA RAO
9. Olympic : Honey, Seawater, Olive oil, Clothes - athletes in ancient Greek wore which one of these apart from sand on their body in Olympics? - OLIVE OIL
10. Library book - within my power - Hogwarts
11. Visual Clip - Egyptian god - RAMSEY
12. Cylindrical Caps which chefs wear - TOQUE
13. Common between Nafisa Ali, Milind Soman - SWIMMING
14. Visual Clip - Citation by President - BHARAT RATNA
15. Visual Clip - Director - ANURAG KASHYAP
16. Soups - Mohingar and Khow suey - which neighbouring country ? BURMA
17. Married most times ? - Larry King, Salman rushdie, henry VII, Oprah Winfrey - LARRY KING.
18. Who sent Tagore on his 81st birth day this note - "FOUR SOCK NOT, MAY YOU FINISH FIVE "? MAHATMA GANDHI
19. Which Akbar's Court Navratna was mudered by Bir Singh Deo on the orders of prince Salim: ABUL FAZAL
20. Dance form - embracing couple - polite society - WALTZ
21. Which Indian state capital means "land which never floods" in Marathi.? PANAJI
22. Hulidan, Dsaudan, Pidan are forms of chinese? EGGS
23. Which Asian was officiating as match referee most number of times ? RANJAN MADHUGALE
24. 1950 Angela Dhinlay - actress - uncredited : Marlyn Manroe
25. Floating Pontoon Bridge in India - HOWRAH BRIDGE
26. Connect i> aviator ... ii> Edible chinnesse goosberry - KIWI
27. 3 songs: common - DEV ANAND.
28. 3 songs one was of celine dione: common - CANADA.
29. Audio from movie "Hum lajawab hai", identify male voices - SRK and Aryan
31. Playright - published - posthumously - SIR WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE
32. Confluence of Tropic of Cancer and Longitude - UJJAIN
33. which famous book closes with a line " ... " ? TALE OF TWO CITIES
34. Gnagflow Trazom - 250th birth anniversary.
35. something something. MLA from Edlabad 4 times - PRATIBHA PATIL
36. Geta Kinni ... socks
37. Sir Winston Churchill said "Uneducated person Should read a book of ......" ? - QUOTES
38. Star - Center of all planets, who is a son of Manu- DHRUV
39. what are bloks ? - BLOG on BOOKS
40. On which country's flag Golden Eagle is present? - EGYPT


1. Before stamps how were postage rate determined ? CANDLING METHOD - If the candle light passes through the envelop it costs less otherwise more
2. Film with 9 scientific errors ....
3. Describe "Muffin Top" ? Protuding Roll of Fat when one wears low jeans.
4. Rome Gladiator how did they ordered death ? Thumbs Up
5. Which cricket played only 2 matches in 1983 Cricket world cup and both of them(only) India lost -> Dilip Vengsarkar.
6. Acoording 2005-06 census which country has maximum number of Tigers - USA
7. Oswald Maleno - short 12 minute film - screened Dec 1986 -> Rabindranath Tagore
8. What are Arasuram, Gandharva, .... -> 8 types of Marriages

Round -2: Picture &Audio
1. Pic+Audio, Douglas Adams
2. Ping Pong - Enrique Iglecias song is called "ping pong"
3. Visual : Zidane + Mira Nair and a lady next to her -> directing Little Zezu (nick name of Zenidiane Zidane)
4. Connection: Rand Currency, Person Ayn Rand
5. Visual: Mali Timbaktu
6. Stamp - Paquebot -> Sent by ship
7. visual: two guys in front of Taj Mahal; Darryl Harper and Simon Taufel
8. Visual: Title of the book - Jungle book.

1. Purpose of Trackgandhi dot com ? To tracks Indian Currency Notes.
2. Jarasana v/s Krishna ? why ? - Kamsa's wives approached Jarasandha
3. Only film raj kapoor and dilip kumar acted together ? Andaaz
4. Thomas Alva Edison, Louis Armstrong, Lyla Ritchie ? Hello
5. What do you mean by Medial Capitals ?
6. Which is the most Commenest bird in the world ? Chicken
7. what's common between La paz, Bolivia. ---, Nepal, Salado Chile Ragon, Angel falls (venenzuala) -> All are highest in respective categories.
8. Brown Bear hiebernates for 6 months in natural conditions, but in captivity does not hiebernate ? -> Because of scarcity of food during winter/

1. Audio of Queen, Elton John ... Connect -> John Lenon
2. Shakil O Neil
3. A Qawali song- was part of cassette of which movie - Sholey
5. Audio : Two Songs - 'Neel Gagan Se Chale Dharati ka Pyaar Dhale' & '-" : SAME RAGA
6. Audio of Chameli ki Shadi, Saawariya .. connect - Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor

Buzzer Round +7, -5
1. Where do you find ..... ? Jantar Mantar
2. Lawyer Defended who defended Bal Gangadhar Tilak in 1916 - Md. Ali Jinnah
3. types of Stamps - fiscal, commemorative, ....
4. Middle East city 3 hill ranges and lava -> Medina
5. T20 batsman time limit to come to crease - 90 seconds
6. Since 1731, 51 men and 1 woman have crossed this ? - Door of 10 Downing Street.
7. Something related to Helen Keller ...
8. why there was 700 percent rise pencil sales in England 2005-2006?? For solving Sudoku

Visual Round
1. What does Maiya Maiya mean in Arabic (song from GURU, Malika Sherawat)-> water
2. Visual -> Dancers doing some weird dance : Choreographing Penguin dance sequence in happy feet.
3. Flags; Army Silk, Navy Woolen,
4. 2 words, 10th anniversary, one is blamestorming . which is the other one ? muggle
5. Video Clip from film Zanzeer picturised on some actors(not the leads). Who is the actor ? Gulshan Bawra.
6. which famous fictional accessory was made out of squirrel fur ? Cinderella's slippers

Last Round-2teams
1. which book has 5894 hymns, always placed on cushion ... -> Guru Granth Sahib
2. Who was musician at India's first Independence Day ceremony at Lal Quila -. Ustab Bismillah Khan
3. Indian 2 rupee coin is of shape hendecagon - how many sides does it have? 11 sides
4. In which country couples are wished by prime minister for 50th anniversary and by Queen for 60th anniversary -> Australia.


  1. well - see u at the open quiz on nov 24 by KQA. watch out for more details...

  2. hi karthik,
    thanks for the info .. btw where should i watch out for more details ?

  3. Nice post, yes I accept many Pantas wearing T-Shirts in Bangalore. :)