11 June 2008

Bangalore Photowalk 2.0

The 2nd Bangalore Photowalk took place on Sunday - June 1st. The event was organized by Karthik S, one of the varacious bloggers in Bangalore. The walk started from Ravindra Kalakshetra at 7.45 am and concluded at Old Central Jail at 9.30 am. On the way we got a lot of stuffs to photograph.

Isn't it really strange ? We usually shoot extensively outside the city but within the city it will be very minimal. May be because of conscious when we are alone. But being in a group i.e. in Photowalk all consciousness will be annulled.

Mythic Society
Mythic society
Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi Stupa

By traveling in a bus or car we don't really observe each and every structure. But the Photowalk 2.0 gave a good platform to see and photograph many structures around corporation. So many times I have traveled in Nrupthunga Road but this was the first time I spotted Mythic Society building on the same road!

Mythic society is one the city's best intellectual spaces. The society has one of the finest libraries on Indology. (source: The Bengaluru Pages).

We discovered a new Buddha temple in Gandhinagar. The major attraction in the temple premise is a replica of Sanchi Stupa.

Like many similar events I met some new people in this event too. Mainly I interacted with Ritesh Swamy and Mahesh Shantaram.

My snaps of the event are shared at Flickr-Photowalk 2.0.


  1. Hi!
    Nice to know about the Photowalk.
    How many joined the 2nd Photowalk event?