05 December 2010

Super: view ge missu seri misview

super-1 Super is the latest movie of Upendra (a.k.a Uppi and Real-Star), one of distinct actor-cum-director in Kannada film industry(Sandalwood). The movie is his directorial venture after a gap of 10 years ! The last movie directed by him was “Upendra” in 1999. I had cherished the non-linear screenplay and dialogues of that movie for a long time. In fact, I was so inspired by the character “Naanu” in those times that while learning programming the very first of filename of my ‘C’ program was ‘NAANU.C’ ! and also it’s the major factor for domain name of this blog :)

The central theme of Super is fresh i.e. how a revolutionary by name ‘Subash Chandra Gandhi’ turns around economy of India with an innovative approach.  I don’t want to discuss much about the storyline and straightaway get into Likes and Dislikes.

What I liked:
  • Sarcastic Dialogues: There are several sharp and witty dialogues throughout the movie. The best is the monologue when Uppi reacts to his father by sarcastically appreciating Indian public for their patience to tolerate all kinds of anti-social activities in broad daylight .
  • References to political nataka in Karnataka: There are innumerable references to current political scenario of Karnataka. The best one was “Chaadi Brothers” who were running a mining business.
  • Initial Credits: One most of unique way showing credit with all spoofy and sarcastic stuffs. So ensure to be in the movie hall before the CBFC certificate is projected.
  • Uppina Kaayi kaayi kaayi: I stumbled upon the song when it was premiered in Radio City two weeks ago.
  • Teaser/Trailer of the movie: It’s was very unique was more than sufficient to create curiosity among non-regular Kannada movie viewers like me.
  • Reaction of Audience: Even though I was seeing the movie in a multiplex was fortunate to view amidst people who were whistling and applauding spontaneously. Didn’t miss typical stuffs which are usually witnessed in single screen theaters.

What I Dis-liked
  • Cinematography: Majority of the movie has been shot using fish-eye lens. In my opinion, it was a slight overdose i.e.– uppinakaayi ge missu seri mis-uppinakaayi aagoitu, in other words uppinakaayi can never be the main course.
  • Characterisation of the protagonist: The first half of movie with no-so-engaging screenplay feels like a drag in relative to second half may be because of over-characterization of the protagonist.
  • Execution of Turnaround by Subash Chandra Gandhi: Somehow it was not that convincing.

What I didn’t understand
  • Showing a person in reverse colours(negative): In the climax the editor of a tabloid has been showed only in reverse colours. Couldn’t understand the reasoning behind it. Requesting someone to throw light on this.

To conclude, it’s a paisa vasool movie for people who usually view movies without any prejudice.
[Image source: songmagic.yolasite.com]


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