07 May 2011

Doosra - A play on Cricket

While packing luggage for Arjun

It was a long weekend on account of Good Friday and many people were outside the city to make the most out of their holidays. For some genuine reasons I had stay back in Bangalore itself and when the weekend was about to end i.e on Sunday evening, to quench my entertainment need I had an option of going to either to the latest flick "Dum Maaro Dum" or to a play on cricket by name "Doosra" at KH Kala Soudha which was just three blocks away from my home. Later, considering many factors I decided to go with an option which was close to my home.


"Doosra - a play on cricket" is majorily based on off-the-field stories in contemporary cricket. The protagonist of the story is Arjun, a young budding cricketer from a middle-class background who carries expectation of various people, especially his father who was an ex-Ranji cricket player. The story revolves around the growth of Arjun as an international cricketer in today's dynamic environment.

Discussions to start T20 league

There are several humorous moments in the play, the best moment is when the BCCI president cum Textile minister's (enacted by Satish Chandra) replies on being offered a bribe "So many suitcases !!! I am a textile minister not a telecom minister !". Truly, a sarcastic reference to current affairs in Indian politics.

Final Credits

Overall, it was a nicely written and executed play with blend of all kinds of emotions. However there's a scope for improvement. Many a times there's disconnect between the scenes. The cricket-as-a-character concept which was used only in beginning and ending of the play, could have been easily used as narrative voice to glue between the scenes.

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