11 September 2011

Lifeu Ishtene: Double Thumbs Up !!

Lifeu Ishtene[Lifu Ishtene] is the latest flick released this weekend in Sandalwood from the renowned Yograj Bhat factory. The movie is directorial debut venture of my college-mate Pawan Kumar, who a decade ago defying all the odds, decided to drop out voluntarily from 4th semester of engineering studies and pursue a full-time career in performing arts. And the rest is history !

To put review of the movie in a nutshell (as posted on my FB wall):
Contemporary theme, Fresh treatment, Hyper-engaging screenplay, Flawless characterizations, seamless blending of comedy and emotions, Funny-yet-elegant songs, Picturesque landscapes

Here the things are in detail
  • Frankly speaking, I hardly could spot a negative in the movie. The screenplay is so engaging by the time you try to do any analysis the movie will be over ! 
  • The nested flashback mode with narration from the protagonist makes the screenplay interesting and climax part is very creatively executed.
  • The theme is very contemporary and I am sure today's generation can relate to 1-2 incidences from their personal experiences.  
  • Emotional and Comical moments are blended seamlessly and you will never think explicitly like - 'This is a comic scene, This is a sad scene etc'
  • Liked the interpretation of public toilet, DVD playback etc.
  • Characterization is flawless. You will never feel whether a particular character should be there in the scene or not. 
  • Supporting casts are very inclusive in the storyline. Personally, I liked the characters Diganth's friend Shivu and Ladies Hostel watchman.
  • Diganth in the protagonist role as Vishal has done tremendous justice to the confused character and adding to this you won't find traces from his previously portrayed roles. 
  • Definitely tons of changes from Pancharangi. A big revamp in supporting cast was a plus point - No Ananth Nag, No Padmaja Rao and Sudha Belawadi was there only for one sequence. As I had mentioned in my Pancharangi post, I don't have personally against these talented actors but somehow I am attached to their characterization of Mungaru Male.
  • Songs were very much part of the narrative. Conversational songs were funny and sophisticatedly choreographed. 
  • The two songs shot at Ladakh(at Thiksey Monastery and Pangong Lake) are dexterously executed. Definitely a major achievement in Kannada film industry with respect to new locations. It was amusing see the places on a silver screen which I had been a few months back
  • The movie has been nicely promoted through social media. Hats off to Pawan for using all the means to taking his movie to a different level ! .. Read Wasted time in his personal blog. I am sure each of one of us can take a leaf out of it. 
Bottomline: The movie has definitely created a new benchmark in Sandalwood industry and  I am looking forward seeing it again !

An Aside:
It's been a long time I have not posted about movies. One of the major reasons for this is that the movie contents will have a short shelf life. However, when it comes to Kannada movies this reasoning will be an exception and hence this post :)

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  1. After a long gap, a movie review by you! But it still has your trademark style. Points jotted down by you is unlike traditional movie review.

    I agree with most of your points except "Diganth in the protagonist role as Vishal has done tremendous justice to the confused character and adding to this you won't find traces from his previously portrayed roles. " I feel you can find traces in the roles he essayed in Manasaare and Pancharangi.

    Yes, this is a landmark film in Sandalwood. Also you have followed the current trend by giving the facebook fanpage link for "likes" :D and now the most important question - when are you going for a second viewing? :)

  2. thanks Raveesh for the comments. I am not sure about Manasare. Since you are regular follower of the industry, I need to subscribe to your views :)

    Second viewing will be mostly with my non-Kannadiga colleagues.

  3. Well, thats good sign bringing non-Kannadiga audience to a Kannada film - nimage Shubhavaagali :D

  4. yep .. it's the right movie to showcase !

  5. I took many of my non-Kan colleagues, they just loved it! Spme in the US are asking if there's any word when the movie will see a screening there. Answers??

  6. Yes Shravan, movie will be screened in US. check director Pawan Kumar's facebook page.