10 October 2011

Revolution 2020

  • The title contains the world revoluTion
  • It targets today's young generaTion in the era of globalizaTion
  • CharacterizaTion full of transiTions and convoluTions 
  • Narrative loaded with ambivalent relaTions and emoTions
  • Discusses corrupTion and vicious cycle in Indian eduaTion
  • Concludes without any resoluTion or revoluTion
Revolution 2020 is the new book by India's writer for the masses a.k.a Chetan Bhagat ! The story which is set in India's heartland i.e in Varanasi, meticulously blends politics, corruption, romance, sacrifice along with rat-race faced by today's youth. 

The protagonist of the story is Gopal Mishra who after making two unsucessful at IIT-JEE, AIEEE annd being tagged as a loser by his parents-n-peers, accidentally turns out to be director of an engineering college. Through this accidental transition, Gopal takes the reader through his ups and downs, right from not-meeting-expectations of his father, professional-n-personal rivalry with his school buddy Raghav and ambivalent relationship with his girl-of-life Aarti.

In typical CB style the book is packed with witty one-liners. Here are a few excerpts
  • Girls can come up with the simplest of messages that have the most complex meanings. 
  • If you are willing to pay government offices can do more overtime than MNCs. 
  • "We don't fix cases. We fix the people in the cases". 
  • Varanasi is probably the only city on earth where death is a tourist attraction. 
  • Girls get extremely upset if you give them evidence contrary to their belief.
The story is engrossing throughout but personally to me the concluding part wasn't convincing as the narrative ends without any resolution.

Bottomline: A recommended read for all CB fans and an FTP book for the rest.

An astounding service:
Hats off to flipkart for their reliable service. My pre-ordered copy was delivered at my doorsteps a few hours before the official release ! 

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