27 November 2011

Bangalore Photowalk: Calendar 2012

Bangalore Photowalk: Calendar 2012

Bangalore Photowalk has come up a long way since the time we rebooted the almost defunct group at the end of last year. In order to maintain the niche and sanity, we ensured that regular photowalks are organized once a month at different sometimes unique locations in the city.

To mark the conclusion successful photowalk year we have composed the selected photographs captured at our photowalks into a calendar for the year 2012.

We followed structured process for shortlisting the photographs and following was our primary criteria:
  • Unique subjects from regular photowalk locations 
  • Signature stuffs from offbeat photowalk locations 
  • No two photographs from a single location/photographer 
  • Not to repeat tricks of photography (panning, light trails)
Kindly let us know if you want to procure a copy of this calendar. More details at Calendar 2012 - Bangalore Photowalk.