20 May 2010

Brand Equity Quiz 2010: Mumbai round

The Mumbai edition of Brand Equity Quiz was conducted at St Andrew Auditorium(Bandra), the same venue  where Landmark quiz was held two weeks back. The winner of quiz was Pradeep Ramanathan’s team from HUL,  co-incidentally he was part of winning team Haseena-ka-Paseena in Landmark quiz also. The major highlight of the quiz was the thrilling last round between HUL and Pramerica(lead by enthusiastic Megashyam). The quizmaster Derek O’Brein made it more exciting with his usual masalas.

Major entertainment-bakras of the evening were a couple-cum-colleagues from Morgan Stanley to whom Derek offered Club Mahindra holiday package for answering a tough audience question. Rest of the quiz, the host used to refer them for cracking any relavent on-the-spot humour.

Overall, a good quizzing experience and personally I managed get an audience prize this time by using a different strategy in raising hands :)

Some Questions from Prelims:
  • Which type of clothing was made famous by inhabitants of Somer Isles ?
  • In 1894, Joseph A Bieldhern came with an idea of selling cocacola in cases around Mississippi area, then he was credited as first (_______) of Coca Cola.
  • For visiting Tutankhamen's Tomb, you need to buy ticket using which currency.
  • Which US state produces half of the world’s raisins ?
  • This 5 ft 8 inch sculpture in Mumbai was created by Baghwan Rampure, an artist from Pune
  • In 2009 Forbes magazine named _______ as fastest appreciating sports business on Earth.
  • Who was Kalpana Chawala’s role model ?
  • Which country produces highest spams in Asia ?
  • A company whose trademark was a painting, later the name of company was change to title of the painting.
  • The-World-is-flat is a statement made by whom ? (Nandan Nilekani, C K Prahalad, Narayan Murthy)
  • According to Peter Drucker  we have not yet developed tools for an average human to excel in this professions ?
  • Three member core team of Budget Process (Bombay plan) in 1944 had John Mathai, JRD tata and who else ?
  • The service started by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Bizstone.  The intial name of this service was ‘status for a while’
  • According to Sumatra Ghosal who can be divided into types Frenzied, Procrastinator, Detached, Purposeful.
Some Questions from Finals:
  • A product made in Kanuaj, according to specialist half of the product is lost by following primitive Mughal time method  Dev Bapka.
  • We know what does bartender do .. What does Bud-tender do ?
  • Mrs. Rose director collaborated with her husband for ‘tyranny of status quo’.  Who was her husband ?
  • Why did Haier in China introduced the feature never-get-clogged-by-mud for washing machines ?
  • Why do men suites have button on their sleeves ? [ Question of the day :) ]
  • In 1975 – Xerox –  topic traveling thru US – world’s first … ?
  • After disagreement with Steve Jobs, John Scully sold all shares  of Apple except one .. Why ?
  • Which country in order to boost its economy moved from 11 timezones to 9 timezones ?
  • After Allied bombing in 1943 at Herzgovin …two brother Adi and Rudolf got separated.
  • Which company would you associate with Unbutton campaign [ Tie breaker question ]
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  1. well done shande !!!! but where r the answers ?

  2. questions look good without answers :) otherwise it won't be an interesting read :)

  3. Anonymous6:34 PM

    hey put up answers pls...

  4. Anonymous10:37 PM

    what is the use of these questions without ans.

  5. well, what's the use of reading questions along with the answers ?
    these questions won't be asked in future .. but will be a handy reference to anyone who prepares for BE quiz.
    Do let me know if you need answer for any specific question.