31 March 2012

Ladakh: Khardung La and Beyond

Khardung La is world's highest motorable pass situated 40 kms from Leh. One has to pass through this road for getting towards Nubra Valley. It's very strategic pass for Indian army in order to supply essential items to Siachen glacier. 

The ascent from Leh to Khardung La happens very abruptly by road i.e from 12000 ft to 18000+ft in 1 hour. While ascending from Leh one can experience beautiful downhill view of Leh. Drive was quite challenging especially after witnessing a fallen vehicle besides the road. However, our experienced driver Rigzin negotiated the things dexterously.

After passing through South Pullu we reached the world's highest motorable road a.k.a. Khardungla Pass. Sipping a cup of tea at world's highest cafeteria is must to neutralize yourself from nauseated conditions :)

Our destinations in Nubra Valley and its distances from Khardung La. Still many hurdles and roads to cross ! Panamik is the last place where civilians are permitted go and have a glance at Siachin Glacier.

She's Angmo server at a eat-out in Khardung .. 25 kms from Khardung towards Khalsar. Inspite of being in nauseated condition I ordered a half plate of dal-chawal to get this candid click.

Controversary with Altitude:
As per wikipedia page, Khardung La is wrongly believed to be world's highest motor-able road. The official altitude 5,602 m (18,380 feet) claimed by the summit signs has been inflated for the purpose of record breaking. The elevation provided from modern GPS survey by a team of researchers is 5,359 m (17,582 feet). Infact, as per my GPS logger the altitude of place was 5,380 m (17,700 feet) :)

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  1. After reading your blog I am planning to Visit Ladakh. Truly amazing!!!